Actors as trained soldiers

Over the years Sparkefilms have formed and maintained great working relationships with many actors in the industry. As a result they now have a long list of trained, disciplined and professional film soldiers available to call upon.

When you hire our team you will be reaping the benefits of using talented actors who are already trained in the relevant areas such as military tactics & drills.

Our film soldiers are a great asset and used to wearing any uniform whether it’s walking the way our ANZACS did or talking like American Rangers talked it is like second nature to them.

No matter the era you’re looking to replicate their film soldiers can adapt and recreate with 100% passion and accuracy.

Sparkefilms film soldiers have been cast in an abundance of productions over the years, to name a few would be the History channels “The Battle of Long Tan” and “For Valour” where the entire cast was their Crew.

The core film soldiers were hired for “Beneath Hill 60”,“The Digger” and “Singapore 1942” They also spent many months on HBOs’ “The Pacific” produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg and Miramax 2005 feature “The Great Raid” as well as many more.

It's a great way to outfit your background artist.