Movie Tributes

If you want to look like you've just walked of set on one of pop cultures favorite shows - here's your chance!

As a tribute to some of the worlds favorite films, TV shows and games - our designers are now giving you the chance to hire fine replicas of the iconic costumes and Props. These can be for your TV commercial, corporate event, expos, openings, parties or functions.

Sparkefilms is now throwing open it's doors to the general public of sunshine coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and northern NSW as well.

All bookings are by appointment - but you will be attended to by our experienced on-set costumers and designers - and to really get that 'Film look', why not complete your costume with amazing make up and effects in our brand new 'in house' make-up suite!

Our make up designers can turn you into a Sith Lord from Star Wars, a 1920's beauty from Boardwalk Empire or a desiccated walking zombie!

Be treated like a star for the day!

Sci-Fi / Adventure

Star wars Tribute Sith Lord

Undertunictunicscarfbelttrousershigh bootsrobe with hoodglovesExtras:Double lightsaber

Star Wars make-up tribute Darth Maul or any Sith Lords

facepaintbaldcapprosthetic horns or scarscontacts

Jedi Knight

Under robeTunicPleatssashbeltpantshigh bootsrobe with hoodExtras:Fx Lightsaber

Indiana Jones Tribute

HatShirtLeather Jackettrousers (clean or distressed)bootsSide pack with leather strapbelt with holster

Movie Classics

Western tribute Wyatt Earp

HatShirtvestcoatdustercoattrousersbelt and holsterbootsExtras:Badgegloves

The Dark Knight Tribute - The Joker

Purple Long wool CoatShirtgreen vestGrey suit coatPinstripe pantsbrown shoesglovesExtras:Joker playing cards

The dark knight make-up tribute - The Joker

WigJoker face paintJoker prosthetics

The Dark Knight tribute Gotham Police officer


Titanic tribute jack


Titanic tribute Jack #2

UndershirtLong coatbrown pantsbracessboots

Braveheart Tribute

UndertunicArmourtarten sashKiltarm armourbelthessian sockshome made boots

Braveheart Make up tribute

WigBlue face paint With or without bloodwith or without dirt

Disney Princess Tribute Beauty & The Beast

Ball gownLong glovesYellow Ribbon

Saving Private Ryan tribute - Ranger

helmetHBT shirtM41 jacketHbt pantsinvasion vestlife or ammo beltinvasion gas packmud gaitersboots

Call of duty Tribute

HelmetGogglesscrimCammo shirtcammo PantsVestBoots

Band Of Brothers Tribute

Helmet with nettingUndershirtJump tunic and pantsjump bootsWebbing set

Game Of Thrones

Lord of Westros

RobeUndershirtbrown gambinPeasecoatbeltbrown leather pantsHigh bootsExtras:ShieldsglovesHand of the King badge

Soldier of Westros

Helmetundershirtgambinpeasecoat or armourtrousershigh bootsExtras:Shields gloves

The Knights Watch

black under tunicblack gambinmatted hessian armourblack leather pantsbeltHigh bootsExtras:Shields

The Knights Watch

black under tunicblack gambinshingle armourblack leather pantsbeltExtras:Shields

City Woman

Dresswrapingsvests or corsetsshoes/boots

Village Woman

Dressvests or corsetsshoes/boots

Village Child

BandanaUndershirtoutershirt or animal skinpantsshoes


undershirtAnimal fur coats and vestsLeather pantsHigh Bootsbelts

Classic Tributes

Priates Tribute

Tricorn hatshirtvesttrousersbelthigh boots

Dads Army Tribute

Helmet or sidecapundershirtBattledress tunic with Home guard flashesbattle dress pantsankletsbootswebbing set

Boardwalk Empire Tribute

capShirt with collarvestSuit coattrousersLong Jacketshoes

Boardwalk Empire Tribute

HumberShirt with Collar3 peice suitShoes

The Walking Dead


Hat with badgeshirt with 'King county' patches and badgetrousersbelt with drop dound revolver holsterboots


capshirttrousersbelt with hip holsterboots


ripped and bloody shirtpantsboots

Zombie make-up tribute

Full Zombie make up

Soldier Zombie

ripped and bloody Military fatiguesboots