Pre-Production Boot camp

We can implement “Boot Camp” sessions for actors to use as a tool to gain a clearer understanding of their roles and feel more natural in their portrayal of the era.

Training your actors in the period your film is portraying is important and our job is to “GET IT RIGHT”.

This assists actors to have empathy for the era and helps your production have a more authentic edge, from eating how the soldiers ate, weapons handling to basic training on drills/combat and tactics.

For smaller budgets we can even reduce the training to the weekend or a day and just teach the bare minimum requirements to the actors.

This stage is very important for our team to work with the production to give them the best results.

On the Set:
Our advisors are then right next to the director through all relevant scenes to ensure you get the bang for your buck.

We've found that cast and background artist, as well as assistant directors, crave information day-to-day on military based scenes and having our advisors to help answer questions or assist with large crowd scenes is a piece of mind your production can have.

Beneath Hill 60

Background artist await a history lecture from Ian Sparke and team