Helicopter Pilot/Co-Pilot

HelmetFlight SuitArmoured VestGeneral Purpose Boots

Australian Infantry - Early/Mid War

Giggle hatEarly Pattern ShirtEarly Pattern trousersGeneral Purpose BootsExtras & VariationsNeck Scrims

Australian Infantry - Late War

Giggle hatLate Pattern ShirtLate Pattern trousers General Purpose Boots

American Infantry

M1 helmet w/ 'Mitchell' Cammo cover and Cammo bandJacketTrousers Tropical BootsExtras & VariationsSinglets / T- ShirtsBonnie HatsNeck Towels

American Infantry - ERDL Uniform

Boonie Hat or M1 helmet w/coverERDL JacketERDL Trousers Tropical BootsExtras & VariationsSinglets / T-shirtsNeck Towels

American Special Forces

Tiger Stripe Bonnie Hat/BandanaTiger Stripe JacketTiger Stripe Trousers Tropical BootsExtras & VariationsSingletsFingerless Gloves

South Vietnamese irregular Force

Green cap/Tiger Stripe Bonnie Hat"Duck Hunter" cammo coveralls/tiger stripes BootsExtras & VariationsSinglets

North Vietnam Army & Vietcong

Pith Helmet / Straw Hat / Bush HatVariations of ShirtsTrousersSandals/BootsExtras & VariationsPith Helmet Covers

Armoured Crews

Beret/HelmetShirtTrousersGeneral Purpose BootsExtras & Variations:Head PhonesScrimOverallsArmoured vest


Early & Late war scrim

Neck Towels

Fingerless Gloves

ERDL & Tiger Stripe Berets