WW2 Japanese Webbing

Leather Arisaka set

Leather beltTwo 30 round ammo pouchesSide BagBayonet frogWater bottle60 round ammo pouchExtras:Prop Bayonet

Light Machine Gunners set

Leather belt with bayonet frogHolsterBread bagPistol ammo beltWater bottleMachine gun ammo caseExtras:Prop Bayonet

Heavy Machine Gunners set

Leather beltTwo cleaning pouchesBread bagWater bottleLarge pouchExtras:Prop Bayonet

Officers set

Leather beltSword beltHolsterOfficers water bottleammo pouch with beltMap case

Officers undress set

Worn by officers without the tunic on parade or in the fieldSet inc: Web undress beltHolsterOfficers water bottleammo pouch with beltmap case

Japanese Pack

Has extra attachments such as rope, cleaning kits etc.

Extra Machine gun pouches

Extra pouches for a Machine gun section or group.

Extra Holsters

Extra holsters for tank crews etc.