Service Dress: Any Service – Officers


Early War - 'CHINOS'

Steel Helmet/Campaign Hat/Side capKhaki drill/”Chino” ShirtKhaki drill/”Chino” Trousers TieLeggingsBoots

Service Dress: Any Service - Other Ranks

Side capShirtTieTunicTrousersShoes

M41 Set

M1 Helmet Wool shirtM41 JacketWool trousers1938 LeggingsBootsExtras & Variations:Dog Tags1943 HBT set with M41 Jacket

M43 Set

M1 HelmetWool shirt / 43 HBT shirtM43 JacketM43 trousersBuckle BootsExtras & Variations:Dog Tags

American Army Airborne - D-Day

Paratroopers M1 HelmetT shirtJacketTrousersJump BootsExtras & VariationsDog tagsHelmet Netting with Hessian

American Army - European Theater - Tank driver

Tank HelmetWool shirt"Tankers Jacket"Wool trousers1938 Leggings or Buckle bootsBootsExtras & VariationsDog tagsGoggles

SPECIAL - "D-Day Beach Impression"

M1 Helmet1943 HBT shirtM41 Jacket1943 HBT Trousers1938 LeggingsService BootInvasion Vest or full 1928 pack web setInvasion Gas packLife beltWeb pistol or ammo belt

United States Marines - Greens

M1 Helmet w/coverHBT Utility JacketHBT Trousers1938 Marine LeggingsBoondockers (Boots)Extras & VariationsDog TagsEarly war helmet(no cover)

United States Marines - Cammo Uniform

M1 Helmet w/coverHBT reversible Cammo Utility JacketHBT reversible cammo Trousers1938 Marine LeggingsBoondockers (Boots)Extras & VariationsDog TagsReversible Ponchos

SPECIAL - United States Marines "Iwo Jima Impression"

M1 Helmet w/coverGreen T-ShirtHBT Utility JacketM41 JacketHBT Trousers1938 Marine LeggingsBoondockers (Boots)Full Marine Web equipment with division stenciling

Air Force Combat Fighter Pilot

CapShirtTieLeather Jacket“Pinks”Trousers / OD TrousersShoesExtras & VariationsLife vest

United States Navy - Work Blues

White CapBlue Work ShirtBell bottomsBlack ShoesExtras & VariationsDog TagsLife Vests



Army ponchos

Marine ponchos