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Meet the people behind Sparke Films

Luke Sparke


Luke began his film career as a Costume Supervisor, Key Webber and Military Advisor. His first Feature Film was The Great Raid. He later worked on the Steven Spielberg, Mini-Series The Pacific (2010). He spent nine months working with the American crew of the series and obtained a wealth of production knowledge. In Beneath Hill 60 (2010), he worked as the onset costumer.

Luke has observed how successful directors take a storyline and combine it into a powerful and unforgettable piece of film work. So, in the mid-2000’s, he started directing historical military short films and has used these similar techniques and approaches to bring to life the vision of his story.

In 2014, he wrote and directed a two-part TV special called Yesterday Is History that aired on the Australian History Channel just before ANZAC day 2015. Luke’s feature film directorial debut was for his monster script Red Billabong, which was released in August 2015 across selected screens Australia wide.

After the success around the world of the first instalment of Occupation (2018) Luke set out to create Australia’s most recent and rarely attempted sci-fi franchise in Occupation;Rainfall (2021). Further cementing that he is one to watch in the coming years with a passion and great vision for big and loud films that push the envelope in every way.

Carmel Imrie


Carmel started her career off working in sales in various companies, where she received many awards for her great communication, people skills and sales abilities. With these skills, it was an easy transition to work in the film industry full-time with Sparke films.

Since then, Carmel has been Production Manager on two television pilots Yesterday is History, which aired on the History Channel in 2015. She also Production Managed Sparke films debut feature film Red Billabong. Occupation (2018) was Carmel’s debut as a Producer. Carmel has furthermore honed her skills as a seasoned Executive Producer and Producer of action films with the latest foray into the sequel Occupation;Rainfall (2021)

Carly Sparke (née Imrie)


Carly Sparke started out in the film industry in 2010 studying Diploma of Cinemagraphic Make up at the acclaimed Frampton Institute on the Gold Coast, Australia.

She joined up with Sparke films in late 2010 on several projects big and small in the make-up department and assisted in the early development of Sparke films’ WW1 epic (The 34th Battalion). In 2014, Carly produced the TV show Yesterday is History, which aired on Foxtel’s History Channel in April 2015. She has recently completed post-production & released on her debut feature film Red Billabong which she produced with Sparke films Writer/Director Luke Sparke, Occupation is Carly’s second foray into the action genre. With the success of Occupation (2018) and the proof that she could produce action films on a larger scale, Carly dove back in with Luke Sparke and Carmel Imrie to produce one of Australia’s most ambitious sci-fi films of all time in the sequel Occupation;Rainfall (2021).

Geoff Imrie


Geoff Imrie is a seasoned and highly respected Executive Producer in Australia, having helped finance and run 3 films and a TV show since 2014, starting out with Yesterday is History (2014) , Red Billabong (2016) and Occupation (2018) under the team at Sparke films Pty Ltd. Geoff has been a key creative from early development and Pre-production on the latest instalment of Occupation;Rainfall (2021). Geoff has always had a strong passion for Australian cinema and supporting local productions.

Tracey Rose Sparke

Costume Designer

Tracey Rose Sparke grew up in the Hunter Valley , NSW . Served in the Australian Army Reserve. Worked in telecommunications and banking (helping to build the bank’s Audio Visual dept).

Throughout her life she has continued to collect and study costumes and personal items throughout history and contemporary.

Tracey Rose has been designing costumes, props and sets since 1981. Her first professional large scale production was designing for the National – Return of the Unknown Soldier – ceremony in 1993.

Since than Tracey Rose has worked on over 80 film productions from short films to huge international productions such as THE PACIFIC

In 2010 she was nominated for Best Costume Design (Australian Film Institute) for design work on Beneath Hill 60.

The scope of her design skills can be seen from Edwardian gowns and costumes on CHANGED FOREVER to contemporary costumes in RED BILLABONG.

In OCCUPATION and OCCUPATION;RAINFALL , Tracey Rose designed every facet of costume design from plain contemporary civilian clothing through to distressed resistance , authentic military and Alien women and children. She also organised the entire logistic requirements of the Costume Dept.

Alex Becconsall

Key Creative Film industry professional and business owner w/ 15+ years experience

The arts have been a long time passion for Alex, studying drama and history since his early years in High School. He moved into the screen production sector, working on a number of long-form projects for both local and international Production companies. Over the years, Alex has pushed himself to learn and understand how the various departments operate, initially spending time with on-set creative departments and later moving into the production and post- production areas to gain a more comprehensive understanding of episodic and feature film making.

Alex then became part of the Producing team on the Occupation franchise in 2017. Launching with the first instalment – ‘Occupation’ (2018), and following up with ‘Occupation: Rainfall’ (2021). The challenges affected in getting these independent, mid size budget films across the line have become a proud accomplishment. He believes we never stop learning, and we can take every lesson on board to grow and achieve our goals. Throughout these projects Alex has been involved with all the key stages, from development through to pre/production/post, working up to the final release.

He has applied the knowledge gained over the last two decade in a practical sense, when he saw an opportunity to work with some of the best VFX artists in the world, and founded Surface Tension Media. Combining this with his extensive Production experience, Alex is excited to see what projects he can bring to success in the future.