Future Soldier


Australian Army - Auscam

Helmet/Giggle hatShirtTrousersBrown GP bootsSee our Webbing page for armour/pads

Australian Army - Desert Cam

Helmet/Giggle hat/CapShirtTrousersBrown GP bootsSee our Webbing page for armour/pads

Black SWAT / Special Forces

Helmet / capShirtTrousersGP bootsExtras and VariationsBalaclavaGoggles

Helecopter pilot

HelmetNomex ShirtTrousersBootsExtras:Armoured Vest(More on Webbing Page)

American Army woodland

Booine hat/cap/HelmetShirtTrousersGP boots

American Army Modern Desert Cam

Helmet/Booine hatShirtTrousersbootsSee our Webbing page for armour/pads

U.S Marine Corps MARPAT

Helmet or CapShirtTrousersbootsExtras and VariationsGogglesNomex Gloves

U.S Army DigiCam

Helmet or CapShirtTrousersbootsExtras and VariationsGogglesScrim

Bomb Disposal

HelmetPadded bomb jacketBomb VestTrousersGP bootsExtras:Gloves

Ghille Suit

Ghille 3 piece suitBootsExtras:Variation of Ghille smocks

Fighter Pilot

Set IncludesBaseball capPilots flight suitBoots

Special Forces

Many Combinations


Nomex Gloves

Fingerless Gloves